Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For A Successful Job Hunt, Develop Clear Objectives

The first step of a successful job hunt is to develop clear job objectives. Then you can create a plan to market yourself to potential employers. You are your own best product to sell! The foundation of your plan will be the list of strengths you bring to the job and the list of needs you expect the job to fulfill. You can check out free downloads for creating these lists at A solid plan includes identifying clearly who will be interested in paying you for your work, where the best opportunities are, and how you compare to your competition.

Pointer: Romantics & Introspecting. Romantics can help you introspect about what strengths make you unique and what might be missing in your present career that you can add to your list of needs. Check out this description to identify which of your friends might fit into the Romantic career type:

Your next step is to select two jobs that fit well with your strengths and needs lists (to the best of your knowledge prior to further research). You will eventually create one full plan for each job objective—this means two different résumés, cover letters, series of interviews, and so on. You may be interested in Job Objective #1 but are not having success in that area. However, a similar Job Objective #2 may also interest you, and you may discover you can get many more interviews and job offers in that field. As you can imagine, more than two objectives will require too much work to execute effectively. Nonetheless, most candidates do need two for maximum flexibility in the job market. For simplicity of this book we will walk you through the steps for one job objective, but plan on repeating some of the same steps for the second one.

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