Monday, May 10, 2010

Writing Your Resume

The title of this post should be “Writing and Rewriting and Rewriting Your Résumé.” Create a starter résumé and cover letter, but expect to edit them each time you apply for a job and customize your materials to fit the specifics of that job. If you are not the perfect candidate, find ways to address your weaknesses and show how your other skills and attributes compensate for them. Do not attempt to reuse the same résumé for each job objective. Put the most important skills and experience—most likely a different set each time—front and center for each job. The posted descriptions of the jobs you apply for will determine what goes front and center.

Do a search for your ideal job title on a few of the following websites:


- Yahoo! HotJobs

- Craigslist

- LinkedIn


You should also visit for researching typical job responsibilities and salaries. Collect about five different job descriptions and create a tally of the key skills and experiences required for those jobs. Make note of the exact terms used and reuse them on your own résumé! Best wishes on your resume writing.

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