Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reinvention 2: Get On A Mission

By Will Deyamport, III, MSEd

Last month I wrote a piece about my working through the 4 steps of reinvention by Branding Expert and Reinvention Specialist Robin Roffer. In the second step, Robin says "A big part of authentically reinventing yourself, i.e., peeling away the masks you wear to reveal the true you, is to write a mission statement. What is your mission in life? Why are you here? What is your message? What are the gifts and talents you possess that can be poured into your products, blogs, website, presentations, projects, reports, books?" My mission is to be a thought leader in the educational applications of digital and social media.

Offline, I want to lead an organization similar to the Paley Center for Media or TED, but with the focus on life and career developments. Online, I want to direct the digital and social media operations of an education-based organization. My dream jobs would be the editor of an education-focused online publication or the director or the vice-president of programming of an online TV channel.

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