Monday, August 8, 2011

What Happens on Online Stays on Google Forever: My RSCON3 Presentation

By Will Deyamport, III, MSEd

On July 29, 2011 at 12:30pm CST, I conducted my first presentation for the Reform Symposium at RSCON3. I was nervous, excited, scared, and exhilarated. So many thoughts ran through my mind as I saw people entering the room. As the numbers grew, the reality of what I was about to do set in. I was about to present for an online conference for the first time and that my presentation had the opportunity to be viewed by thousands or even millions of people worldwide. I smiled and joked, and I tried to shake off the nerves. Before I knew it, Chris Rodgers, my moderator, told me it was time.

Presenting at RSCON3 was something I'd never felt or experienced. I was a part of an international movement - an almost non-stop 3 day global ed carnival. There were 80 Presenters, 12 Keynotes, and 4 Panels. It didn't matter what you taught or what grade level or academic specialty, RSCON3 had something for everyone.

Aside from my own presentation, I attended several other presentations, including my wife's, and a few of the key note addresses. It was a powerful and rewarding experience - a confirmation of the reach the effectiveness of online learning and collaboration. It's a model I support every state department of education adopting. There is nothing better than a conference for teachers designed by teachers. And I could absorb it all from the comforts of my living room.

I look forward to presenting at RSCON4. You can see my presentation below. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Will Deyamport, III, MSEd is the former Chief Social Strategist for StrengthsFactors. A filmmaker and Family Life Educator by training, Will has interned for J.T. O'Donnell and has worked in the field of education for 11 years. He has a B.A. Film Production, a B.S. in Child and Family Studies and an MSEd in Professional Studies in Education. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management at Capella University.

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