Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Great Doctoral Degree Hunt: Part IV

By Leah MacVie

It's official- the applications have arrived at the schools of choice! Mission 8 is complete! Please read on to learn more about my applications. Also, I found another series of interest. Although a few years old, Eric Schwitzgebel wrote a great application series on his blog, The Splintered Mind. It is filled with some great tips and I love his candidness. You can find it here.

Mission 8: Apply!

Getting my application materials together was harder than I thought it would be! I only applied to 2 schools, Michigan State University and Union Institute & University, but each school had a different set of requirements. As I mentioned the last time, I kept the information organized in my handy 'application press kit' chart: Application Press Kit

 MSU and Union wanted two completely different statements of intent. Here's what I came up with: MSU: Statement of Research Goals Union: Statement of Purpose I  included a very fun get-to-know-me "press release bio" with a photo and fun facts they might not find in the paperwork. Press Release Bio Then, each press kit had a resume in it, as well. Resume Lastly, each location was sent a writing sample.  I never got an original copy of the hard bound version and just handed in the two prints to my college.

I am still searching for more individuals who have documented their hybrid Ph.D. searches and hybrid programs, but this info is not easy to come by. If you know of anyone or programs not currently listed, please send me the info. I will be very grateful!

Leah MacVie is a blogger, instructional designer, photographer, and former graphic and Web designer. She possesses a BFA from the University at Buffalo and a Master’s in Educational Computing from the SUNY College at Buffalo. In her spare time, she is focusing on finding out more about DIY and informal learning. You can read more at

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