Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Doctoral Degree Hunt: Part VI

By Leah MacVie

Mission 10: Apply to Scholarships

Going into the scholarship process, I didn't realize there were so many specific scholarships out there for individual differences. I found scholarships for left handers, triplets,  little people, tall people, duck calling, and animal care experience.

I wondered if there was a scholarship out there for a Buffalo bred, writing, Star Trek TNG loving, cupcake connoisseur?

Probably not, but I am working to dwindle down application possibilities. I'm finding a bit of time this week and next week to apply. Before I begin the application process, I decided to set up a chart, much like the one's I used to keep track of doctoral applications. This chart will help me to organize the scholarships by due date and awards. Some I have already applied for and I think it's important to keep track of those as well to find out which one's were awarded. Scholarship Search
  Have you ever applied for scholarships before? Do you have any scholarship application tips? 

Leah MacVie is a blogger, instructional designer, photographer, and former graphic and Web designer. She possesses a BFA from the University at Buffalo and a Master’s in Educational Computing from the SUNY College at Buffalo. In her spare time, she is focusing on finding out more about DIY and informal learning. You can read more at


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