Friday, November 1, 2013

Interview with Michael Graham: Author of Google Apps Meets Common Core

Google Apps Meets Common Core is a fantastic book for any teacher, administrator, or instructional technologist who is interested in integrating Google Apps into the classroom. Michael Graham does a masterful job at explaining each tool and including lessons for how each tool can be used to deliver an array of learning experiences that meet the Common Core.

I love this book and urge you to pick up a copy for every educator you know... At least, buy a copy for yourself.


  1. Dr. Will, I loved watching your interview with Michael Graham. It is very important that everyone knows how you can use technology in the classroom. In Mobile, Al they are trying to give all students in middle through high school Mac's and that is where all there work will be done. I am in EDM 310 right now at the University of South Alabama, and in this class we are learning everything we can about technology in the classroom. It is truly amazing how much it can change in a couple years. Google Apps Meets Common Core sounds like a very helpful book for every teacher or educator to have!

  2. Dr. Deyamport, I will certainly be purchasing a copy of Michael Graham's book. I'm in the Alternative Masters of Education program at the University of South Alabama taking my first education classes this semester. I'm currently in EDM 510 and I am diving head-first into classroom technology. With such a wide variety of computers available for purchase it sounds like a great idea to be able to "tie them all together" using Google Apps. This is my first semester ever using Google Apps and I absolutely love it! I really liked the idea of using Google Calendar to collaborate with fellow teachers on my team. I also plan on using Google Docs for working on lesson plans once I start teaching. It is amazing how far technology has progressed in classrooms since I was in high school in 2007! For this spring semester I will be following your blog and then summarizing your post and my comments to my own blog. If you have any advice for a beginner teacher please pass it along!