Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Dr. Will Show (Episode 2 - Flipping PD)

By Dr. Will

Today's guest was Jennifer Carey. She is the Director of Educational Technology at Ransom Everglades, a blogger, and expert voice on Twitter. In this episode we chatted about flipping professional development.  

Jen's blog can be found at, and you can find her on Twitter at @TeacherJenCarey. 


  1. Hello Dr. Will,
    I personally, love the idea of Flipped Professional Development! I like the 24/7 accessibility of lessons and the laid back atmosphere (watching the training lesson at home opposed to in a more formal setting). I also agree with Jennifer about using Flipped PD as a supplement to traditional professional development. Thank you for sharing Episode Two!

    1. Larry, I thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment. Flipping professional development is a practice I highly recommend. It has been well-received and very effective within my school district.

  2. Hey Dr. Will,
    I love the idea of Flipped Professional Development. The older generation of teachers needs someone to teach them how to use technology so that they can integrate it in their classrooms. I know it must be hard for older people to learn how to do certain things, so I think that having accessibility to it on their own time will make them a lot more comfortable with teaching it. I live in Mobile, Alabama where they have not yet incorporated technology into schools; and quite frankly, I don't think they are worried about doing that anytime soon. This is why I plan on going to a different county to teach because I would love to flip my classroom and also use blogging, Icurio, Google Docs and more in my classroom.
    Thanks for the educational video,
    Lauren Reid

  3. Lauren, it is awesome that you are so passionate about technology in the classroom. I am geeked about it as well. Just remember that the teaching and pedagogical strategies come first. The tech is simply a tool to accomplish your goal. This is a reminder to myself first.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Mary Alice and I'm also from Mobile, Alabama. I would like to counter Lauren's claim that Mobile has not incorporated technology into the schools. I have taught in the Mobile County Public School System for 9 years and have seen technology introduced and incorporated in greater ways every year. The school where I teach has incorporated a bring your own device program to try and bridge the technology gap that remains because we don't have the funds available to rent or purchase laptops (or similar devices) for our students yet. Our principal has encouraged greater technology use faculty widfe, and formed a tech team among our teachers. We do blogging and project based learning with our technology resources and computer lab resources. Our principal has even discussed 'flipped' learning and the possability of flipped faculty meetings. So, please know that in Mobile, Alabama, we are incorporating technology and I for one am excited to see where it will lead. Thanks, Mary Alice

  5. Hey, my name is Sarah Stanley and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently taking EDM 310, which is centered around learning how to use technology in elementary classrooms. I find it difficult to remember to check my email, much less Facebook, twitter, or a blog, so I have a deep respect for someone who can.

  6. Hi Dr. Will! I'm Sarah Richerson and I am also a student at the University of South Alabama. I think this idea of Flipped Professional Development is great! I imagine the teachers retain more info in the training sessions because they are not as stressed about having to grasp everything that day. I'm in an online educational media class that uses Google Docs heavily, and I was glad that my professor made short videos on how to use Google Drive and Blogger because these were all new to me. Like the teachers, I had to go back to them several times throughout the semester!