Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Review: The Career Within You

By Dr. Will

Written by Wagele and Stabb, The Career Within You is my first introduction to Enneagram typing. Comfy and unpretentious, the book offers straightforward and uncomplicated descriptions of the 9 personality types, the values and interests of each type, as well as how each one fits a myriad of career opportunities. Complete with job hunting tips and sample resume examples, the authors do a skillful job at guiding the reader through his or her type.

Having taken the StrengthsFinder Profile and the MBTI, I found my Enneagram type, the Adventurer, to be spot on. From my strengths to my weaknesses, reading my type felt like talking to an old friend. And as an instructional technologist who is still discovering his niche, what I will take away most from this book is to choose a career that has an array of possibilities seamlessly built into it.

If you’re looking for a career book that’s refreshing and different, one thing is for sure,  The Career Within You, isn’t your standard Wall Street career guide.

For a dose of what the book is about, check out Liz and Ingrid on ABC Channel 7 The View from The Bay:

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