Friday, April 18, 2014

The Dr. Will Show (Episode 3 - The Ph.D. Game with Dr. Raq)

By Dr. Will

Today's guest was Dr. Raquel Nunez. She is an educational consultant and educator who specializes in public policy as it relates to ELL students. In this episode we talked about Dr. Raq's experiences in pursuing a doctorate.  

You can find her on Twitter at @raq_steady. 


  1. Hello Dr. Deyamport,
    Thank you for posting the latest episode of your Dr. Will Show. Being new to education and to graduate school I have not ruled out the possible pursuit of a doctoral degree in my future. This interview really opened my eyes to the sacrifices that must be made in order to obtain your PhD. I completely agree with Dr. Raq that you must be passionate about your dissertation topic. I cannot imagine making such large sacrifices for a dissertation or degree that I was not passionately pursuing. Thank you and Dr. Raq for sharing your thoughts on obtaining a PhD.

  2. Larry,

    Thanks as always for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments. Passion is the number one fuel for completing a doctoral program. Communal and familial support are a great help. But nothing is going to push your dissertation like being passionate about your topic.