Sunday, May 10, 2015

#beyouEDU 12 Month Challenge

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Fellow Educators:

#beyouEDU started out as a challenge to educators to discover and reclaim the best within themselves. More than a series of vlogs and blog posts, it has now become a call to educators to be diligent and steadfast in living their best lives. 

Please review the list and choose the month(s) you want to contribute. You can send me your post, post it on your blog, or simply tweet it out using the hashtag #beyouEDU. 

To learn more, feel free to contact me on Twitter: @iamDrWill.

As always, I look forward to you joining the movement.


Dr. Will

12 Month Topics -
  1. March - Ownership of whom you are
  2. April - Finding your voice
  3. May - Finding your niche
  4. June - Finding your tribe
  5. July - Finding your swagger
  6. August - Finding your signature look
  7. September - Finding your bliss
  8. October - Finding your purpose
  9. November - Finding your superpower
  10. December - Finding your success
  11. January - Finding your story
  12. February - Defining your brand

#beyouEDU. The Revolution will be streamed.

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