Friday, June 26, 2015

The Dr. Will Show - Edtech Check with Celine Ng-O'Hara

On today's episode, I chat with Celine about trends in edtech.

Celine Ng-O'Hara is currently a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade special  educator with the Cajon Valley School District in El Cajon, CA.  She grew up in Singapore and has a Bachelors of Arts with a double major and History and Sociology, a Bachelors of Arts  in Special Education, and two Masters, one in Teaching and the other in Special Education. During her 24 years of teaching experience, Celine has taught in a British-style international school in Singapore, worked as an educational therapist and now teaches full time in the US. Her varied teaching opportunities has given her a broad global perspective on education and greatly fueled her passion for fostering global educational connectivity, especially between educators and students.

Celine is also highly interested in harnessing educational technology to enhance learning and teaching. To help teachers better learn about ed tech, she started an ed tech discussion group on Facebook called "Ed Techies", and facilitates a monthly EdCamp style techie gathering at her district where teachers gather to share ideas and tips on how to better utilize ed tech to enhance student learning. Most importantly, Celine is just really thrilled that she gets to feed her inner geek through all her myriad of global techie educator connections.


  1. I am an elementary education major at the University of South Alabama and this video was very interesting to me. When using technology, a teacher must have a clear plan and be properly trained with the plan so that all students will be able to have access to technology. Teachers should also be williing to try new forms of technology and not only that, teachers should be willing to let their students take control of the learning process sometimes. It is amazing how much more students know about technology than teachers do. Teachers should let students do the work then show the teacher how they were able to do it. Teachers should have a plan with good rles when it comes to using technology. This video gave me some good instructions on how to work with my future class using technology.

  2. Dr. Will,
    Ms. NG-O'Hara has many accomplishments and I think it is great to have educators who have experience from all over the world who also have a good knowledge about the use of technology. I am on my way to becoming a teacher and have recently learned about PLN's (Personal Learning Networks). I think her Facebook page idea and EdCamp meetings are a great way to share ideas with teachers that may not have the knowledge of using some of these cool technology tools. She is definitely an educator I would personally like to add to my PLN. Thanks for your post.