Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Dr. Will Show - So You Wanna Be an Instructional Technology Specialist? with Karen Balbier

On today's episode, I chat with Karen about her experiences as an Instructional Technology Specialist. During the conversation, we also talk about how builds relationships with teachers, her day-to-day, and which tools she recommends for teachers who are at the beginning stages of technology adoption. 

Karen didn't grow up with a keyboard in her hand. She actually bought her first computer when she was in college. At that time, she only knew how to turn it on, type a research paper, and go to the University's Website to check email. Karen didn't have internet at home and only accessed it when she was at school.

The value of technology didn't dawn on me until she became a classroom teacher. Karen began to participate in Technology Learning Month in our District. Each year, she learned more effective ways to reach her students. They loved using technology in the classroom.

Most people say Karen is a very patient teacher. Her patience in working with tech newbies comes from personal experiences. That scared feeling turns into excitement when you just let go to click and learn. Karen 
spent 6 years in the classroom teaching 4th Grade and 1/2 a year as a technology integration teacher for K-5. She's been an Instructional Technology Specialist with EPISD since 2009.

Connect with Karen on Twitter: @kbalbier

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