Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Vision, Influence and Owning One's Success with Krystal Covington, MBA

On today's episode, I chat with Krystal Covington, MBA.

As an introvert (Meyer's Briggs INTJ) Krystal struggled to stand out in the workplace and often saw more gregarious and socially intuitive peers receive opportunities she felt she deserved. What she learned from those experiences was that although knowledge and work ethic are respected and valued, the people who reap the greatest rewards are really the ones who stand out as the most socially powerful.

As a result, she set out to learn the key strategies that make the most powerful people so magnetic to others. She studied social and evolutionary psychology, human connection, persuasion, charisma and the art of war. What she quickly learned was that becoming influential, powerful, charismatic, and successful is as simple as playing a role. 

She began trying out her theories in various venues over the years, getting better and better at building a targeted brand for herself and showing up as that role. By following her own strategy she was able to change her brand several times simply by presenting herself with powerful body language, building a reputation for the role she was playing, and being consistently visible to the people who mattered. 

After teaching these principles in workshops locally in Colorado, she realized the incredible value of the information she had learned. She then compiled a workbook to share this knowledge with others in the "The 4 Keys to Influence." It's a perfect resource for anyone seeking a stronger career, better sales as an entrepreneur, or simply a more fruitful social life. 

Krystal is also the President & Founder of Women of Denver, a community dedicated to helping women build credible & influential brands, so they can achieve their goals for personal success. 

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