Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Personal Branding with Melissa Powell

On today's episode, I chat with Melissa Powell about personal branding.

Melissa Powell is the Founder and CEO of Pocmi, Inc. The company's mission is to promote peace through innovation and diversity, and to increase the availability of talented individuals to employers, who through innovative immigration processes can now choose from a global pool. She is a proponent of the belief that diversification can lift nations and lives by her mantra that if we all win, we all win. With a Masters degree in International Business, an MSc. in Construction Management and a BA. in Architecture, she has applied her dynamic knowledge base and concepts of building and creating things, to the realm of international business. With this, she has been able to help in the growth of various organizations through strategic thinking and human capital management. She currently focusses on helping companies find, hire, move, and engage global talent.

Through the evolution of her profession and offerings, Melissa has had a wealth of experience with personal branding. In this episode she gives us insight on what it truly means to have a personal brand and why you should consider it for your professional development.

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Happy branding!

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