Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting Connected: Developing a Personal Learning Network of Support for Future Ready

On Monday, November 21, I had the privilege to have a virtual sit down with Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for The Alliance for Better Education. As part of the Future Ready initiative, Tom hosts a series of webinars on a variety of issues in education. 

During our conversation, we talked about becoming a connected educator. Learn more about the purpose of the webinar below: 

Getting Connected:
Developing a Personal Network of Support

PanelistsWill Deyamport IIIEd.D., Instructional Technology Specialist, Hattiesburg Public School District (MS)Tom Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools, Alliance for Excellent Education
Please join Future Ready Schools® (FRS) for a webinar that is part of its Leadership Hub, a one-stop-shop of professional learning opportunities for school leaders.
Over the past few years, there has been tremendous buzz on teachers using various social networking sites, such as Twitter, for professional learning. Recent peer-reviewed journal publications about the uses and benefits of teachers getting connected, and the isolation so many teachers feel across the country, speak about the successes and challenges many educators face when seeking a professional network online.
As an instructional technologist, Will Deyamport will share research-based strategies and personal anecdotes to effectively engage, share, and design one’s own personal learning network (PLN).
FRS’s Tom Murray and Dr. Deyamport will discuss various aspects of PLNs, including
  • findings from research studies on developing a PLN;
  • personal anecdotes and experiences with building and sustaining a vibrant PLN; and
  • strategies, tools, and other resources available to assist teachers, schools, and districts in getting connected.
Watch the webinar and please share with your Personal Learning Network.

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