Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Getting Unstuck with Dr. Stephanie Barnes Taylor

On this episode of The Dr. Will Show, I chat with Dr. Stephanie Barnes, President of Fabulous University, about getting unstuck and making things happen in your life.

Dr. Stephanie Barnes Taylor is the CEO of The Fruition Group, LLC, a company that specializes in personal excellence, leadership and strategic planning solutions.   She is a Harvard educated attorney with over 16 years of corporate experience.  During her tenure as a corporate executive, she has acquired skills that have enabled her to personally develop leadership skills in aspiring leaders and professionals. Throughout her vast career she has gained experience in organizational and leadership development, project management and corporate strategic planning activities. Her passion is to inspire excellence in others. Stephanie is a woman who sees the possibility in life and embraces the opportunity to excel.  She has a proven track record of coaching and transforming employees into high-producing leaders. Stephanie works with women to help them find their inner leader through her transformational coaching program, Fabulous University—where women learn to lead with brilliance! Stephanie helps women to have a fabulous career, business, and life! Being fabulous is to live and lead boldly, brilliantly, and vividly. Dr. Stephanie Barnes Taylor is also a published author and has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Personal Excellence Magazine, and the Huffington Post.  More information regarding her books and blog series can be found at

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