Monday, July 31, 2017

Video, Business, Branding, and Fried Chicken with Suzanne Nguyen

On this episode, I hangout with Suzanne Nguyen, AKA StringStory, and we chat about video, business, branding, and fried chicken. 

Suzanne “String” Nguyen  is a curious geek of the future, online she is known as StringStory, where she threads the dots of communication and tech. So far, she has visited over 3 continents and over 15 cities. “String” is also the producer of this year’s Shorty Awards Best Snapchat channel “Women In Tech”

String is a creative tech strategist and video producer, and in 2017, has created over 200 videos. Follow String as she travels around the world for tech and fried chicken.

Facebook: StringStory
Snapchat: StringStory
Twitter: @StringStory

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