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Dr. Will Deyamport, III is an innovative thought leader in connected education, leading the design and implementation of collaborative initiatives in support of teaching, learning, and professional development. His research is in digital leadership and how social technologies can be used by educators to individualize their professional development. Dr. Will is a frequent presenter at conferences, guest lecturer, and produces online content focused on the educational uses of web tools and social technologies. He is an alumnus of Capella University, where he earned his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership and Management.

Sessions offered:

Connected Learning

The sessions offered in this category are aimed at how teachers and/or administrators can use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Voxer, and many other social platforms to build a thriving Personal Learning Network to individualize their own professional development. The sessions are hands-on, and will focus on how educators can use those tools to get the PD they want, when they want it. Additionally, teachers and/or administrators will learn how to use said tools to build Communities of Practice in which teachers across the school site or district can engage one another.

Tip: Try creating a closed Google+ Community for your school and/or district where teachers can communicate and share links to blogs, sites, as well as to share classroom best practices.

Blended Learning

Teachers and/or administrators, who attend the sessions, will learn about the four basic blended learning models. They will also receive coaching to examine their strengths and their instructional practices in order to choose the appropriate model to implement within their classrooms. Further, the sessions will cover various Learning Management Systems and the pros and cons of each.

Tip: To give teachers the experience their students are going to have, try developing training models using the Learning Management System you have chosen for your school or district. 

Google Apps for Education

From beginning to advanced, sessions are developed and delivered for all levels. 
Teachers who attend the sessions, will learn how to use various Google Apps to reimagine the learning experiences of students. Further, they will learn how to connect with experts, parents, and community leaders.  And in keeping with 21st century skills, those who attend the sessions will learn how to use Google Apps to collaborate to host discussions and to design a variety of projects.

Tip: In your district, try creating a shared Google Drive folder for grade-level or subject-level teams to create and share a curated repository of lesson plans, materials, and other valued resources.

In the meantime, see what others are saying about my work:

Shannon Colburn

The world of Google Drive can be an intimidating encounter, unless you have a guide to lead you on the amazing journey of all things Google. That is precisely what Dr. Will Deyamport, III is; he is the guide to everything you could possibly need or want to know about Google. Drive.

I had the privilege of attending one of his sessions at TGIF at the Mississippi University for Women, where I learned many wonderful things that Google Drive has to offer. Not only was the information useful, I was provided quick and friendly instruction that was clear and concise-information that I was able to immediately put into use in my personal and professional life.

As a result of meeting Dr. Will, I have made a professional and friendly acquaintance. As an educator who understands the importance of making meaningful connections and the power of sustaining collaborative partnerships, I gladly endorse the work of this fine, fellow educator as a collaborative and supportive technological mind, colleague, and friend.

Stephanie Dulmage, EdS.
Guest Lecturer, Oakland University

Dr. Will is an active member of the Twitter global education community. He contributes significantly to this learning forum and exemplifies the connected and networked educator. Recently, I had the opportunity to be the recipient of his knowledge, insight, and collaborative approach to teaching and learning. I’m currently teaching a Technology for Leadership class in a Master program. One of the topics is the role of social media in the development of a professional learning network. Fortunately for us, Dr. Will completed his dissertation on this very topic.

Through our interactions on Twitter, he became aware of my focus for the class. He proactively contacted me to inquire about a virtual meeting with my class to share and discuss his research. He participated in an hour long Google Hangout, without compensation, and graciously shared his research, answered questions, and provided follow-up resources. This was a very meaningful interaction and an authentic example of the power of a PLN. I know the class participants gained significant insight from this learning opportunity. I would not hesitate to seek his expertise in the future.

Michael A. Winters, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant 
Vicksburg Warren School District

The training was highly engaging, relevant, and very practical. The teachers enjoyed the passion and humor that you exhibited throughout the session. They left buzzing with excitement and have already started implementing a lot of what was shared.

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