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Dr. Will Deyamport, III is a globally recognized Connected Educator and Connected Ed Consultant. Motivated by his passions for education and digital media, he has been able to leverage the use of social technologies in the classroom to enhance the learning experiences of people worldwide. While his efforts are primarily targeted towards teachers, it is his thought leadership in this specific field that has helped him to create an innovative, interactive and integrated classroom experience for students and teachers alike. In addition to identifying existing and underutilized digital tools and resources in education, Dr. Deyamport has worked diligently to bridge that gap. It is this core endeavor that has taken him on the professional adventure of a lifetime! His research and work in this field has helped shape his social entrepreneurship and given him the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the most inspiring and acclaimed people in education both nationally and internationally. Through these collaborations, Dr. Deyamport has been able to facilitate and curate powerful, thought-provoking and enlightening conversations and content which look at a multitude of issues educators face inside and outside of the classroom. The expansion and diversification of his professional portfolio has resulted in Dr. Will becoming a highly sought after speaker, presenter and guest lecturer.
Dr. Deyamport's professional journey in digital learning first began in his teaching the educational applications of going digital as the Campus Outreach Coordinator for CAREEREALISMcampus.com. Later he became the Chief Social Strategist for Your Type Advantage, where his leading-edge expertise was used to build and manage a compelling and comprehensive social strategy and narrative for the continued growth and development of the company’s Ning and digital brand. Dr. Deyamport earned his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership and Management from Capella University with a research focus in Digital Leadership and teachers using a Twitter-supported personal learning network (PLN) to individualize their professional development. Currently, Dr. Deyamport coaches and assists educators in the discovery and classroom implementation of an array of technologies such as GAFE, web tools, Schoology, etc. He is a huge proponent of creating engaging, collaborative and interactive learning experiences focused on the use of web technologies to aid in differentiated instruction and connecting students to a global community.
In 2009, peoplegogy.com, now IAmDrWill.com, was founded and has been a fixture and celebrated resource in the online educational community ever since. Dr. Deyamport has also created The Dr. Will Show which is a podcast dedicated to informational dialogue and discussions with educators about a myriad of topics related to education. Most recently, he partnered with a dynamic group of amazing educators who organized the first EdCamp in Mississippi! He was a co-presenter at ISTE 2015 and a featured presenter at Making Connections Conference. Dr. Deyamport is a 2015 Schoology Ambassador and contributor to The New Social Learning (2nd Edition). He was the Co-keynote speaker at T.G.I.F., hosted by Mississippi University for Women. His recognition, achievements and accomplishments are an illustration of countless hours of commitment to helping fellow educators have a lasting impact on future generations. His love of and dedication to a connected, imaginative and exciting educational experience will continue to serve as a driving force behind the social educational trailblazer simply and affectionately known as Dr. Will.

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