Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is your Dream?

What is your Dream? I would like you to take a few minutes (as little or as much time you need) to identify your dream before you continue reading. Once you have decided on your dream, I want you to write you name and you dream on a piece of paper (ex. Abdul-Rahmaan's Dream). Pause here and complete the task..

O.K., you have identified your Dream. Great! What I really want to know though, are you actively chasing your Dream? Or, is it some far off fantasy that you don't ever plan to accomplish unless you hit the lottery? I believe if you have a Dream that you are not chasing, you don't have a dream.

Dreams require attention, time, dedication, planning, communication and a constant pursuit as if your life depends on it. Everyday, time should be dedicated to your Dream. I know, I know, you have work, family, friends, you are taking that class so you can get a promotion at work, soccer practice for the kids, quality time with your spouse...I get it.

However, there are 168 hours in a week. Even if you only dedicated one hour a day to your Dreams, that would still leave you 161 hours to do the stuff you do in place of chasing your Dreams. So, how much time are you going to dedicate to your Dream? Write that down on your piece of paper.

Keep that paper out and answer the following: If you were going to begin chasing your Dream, what are some Loose Steps that you think you would take to get there?

When an individual identifies loose steps, it give them a road map to where they are going. The great thing about loose steps, it doesn't necessarily tell you exactly how to get there and if you need to change them, no worries. It's kind of like when your GPS gets you lost and you know you are close but there is need for some recalibration. Changing the path to your Dream is O.K..

Lastly, who is going to help you along the way? Write this down too. Who are the people that will provide you with support and guidance as you pursue your dream? What is really cool is when you meet all the people you don't even know now because you are chasing your Dream.

Now you have the map to your Dream on that piece of paper. Sign it. Now you have a contract with yourself to chase it. There is no excuse not to chase it. Be a Dream Chaser.

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