Tuesday, December 13, 2011

iBio Returns

I am now accepting submissions for the iBio series. The iBio series is where people share their stories, their lives. I created the series to highlight how people are succeeding or failing on their own terms - how they meet the challenges in their lives as well as the dreams they have for themselves.

Check out some of the past iBio videos:

Vanessa G.

Shelly Terrell

Jenny Blake

Leah MacVie

Mary Beth Hertz

The length of your iBio video is up to you. What you say, as long as its not racist, sexist, antisemitic, or homophobic, is up to you. I am looking for what inspires you and what excites you about your life. If you're interested in submitting an iBio video, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me on Twitter.

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