Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Great Doctoral Degree Hunt: Part V

By Leah MacVie

Next up, scholarships. I actually didn't apply for any scholarships for my past few degrees, but this time it's something I must do. First things first:

Mission 9: Develop a Scholarship Strategy

After reading up a on a few different strategies, I choose to stick closely to the easy steps outlined on
  1. Make a list.
  2. Assess each individual opportunity.
  3. Prioritize your opportunities.
  4. Begin applying.
Most of the students who succeeded in earning scholarships did so for two reasons:
  1. They met the criteria outlined by the scholarship sponsor.
  2. They approached the application process strategically and were selective in their pursuit of scholarship opportunities. It’s that simple.
I'll be utilizing two sites:
Have you or anyone else you know applied for a scholarship for your doctorate? What tips do you have for me? Leave a comment below.

Leah MacVie is a blogger, instructional designer, photographer, and former graphic and Web designer. She possesses a BFA from the University at Buffalo and a Master’s in Educational Computing from the SUNY College at Buffalo. In her spare time, she is focusing on finding out more about DIY and informal learning. You can read more at


  1. Yup! Picking the right scholarship might be a bit difficult. I advise you to think of your hobbies and interests. That should give you an idea what to go for.

    Stephania Eckstrom

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