Monday, February 13, 2012

Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

This is my presentation for MECA 2012. I led a hands-on session on using Twitter as a professional development tool.


  1. I attended this session. I was already an avid Twitter user, but I signed up because I was only a "social Tweeter". I didn't realize how much professional content I could obtain from Twitter! I also learned a great deal about joining and participating in a PLC (Professional Learning Community).
    I gained a great deal of useful professional knowledge from Dr. Deyamport's presentation.
    Jennifer Lovitt
    Madison County School District, MS

  2. I watched your presentation "Twitter as a Professional Development Tool" and found it quite useful.I happen to have two twitter accounts (new Twitter and TwitterDeck).Is there anything I can do in order to keep my Tweeter contacts in a new account using only TweeterDeck? I am an English as a foreign language in Curitiba, Brazil and a university student of Portuguese and English.Thanks for your help.

  3. Bill,

    I don't much about TweetDeck, but from what I do know, you should be able to set up columns to organize the conversations in the way you want to.

    Thanks for watching the presentation and for leaving a comment on the blog.