Monday, December 24, 2012

Google+ Communities - What we know after 1 week (part 3)

Streamed live on Dec 12, 2012
Google+ Communities - After 1 week; Ideas, thoughts, praise, concerns, ANSWERS. More info... find Ronnie on G+ here: The Product Mgr. for G+ Communities Brian Glick joined us! Wahoo here is a link to him: he says he would be happy to join your hangout! Visit Jesse at: & Nikol at:

We talk about how GPC or GPComm has evolved over the approx 120 hours since it has started, get some helpful answers from Brian and some great ideas from Jesse & Nikol.

I mention the idea that many Public Communities are popping up all over and the wave will likely turn to Private later (if not already). GPC may be best kept focused on specifics and less useful to us if they are too broad and become too big in what they cover... Time Will Tell.

Leave your thoughts and comments about your experiences with GPComm (and vote on GPC vs. GPComm as a nickname... the one with the Plus in it is a challenge for using as a hashtag!). If you found this valuable, please share it with those that would also like to learn.

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