Monday, May 5, 2014

The Dr. Will Show (Episode 11 - Flipping the Classroom with Stacey Roshan)

By Dr. Will

Photo Credit: Stacey Roshan

Stacey Roshan is Upper School Technology Coordinator and Math teacher at Bullis School. She has a keen interest in discovering and bringing innovative tools into the classroom to engage students and to make learning feel like play. One of her major goals is to create a classroom culture focused on relationships and students’ individual needs. Stacey is constantly trying to share her enthusiasm with other educators and to change the dynamics of the traditional classroom. Her motivation for change stems from feeling rushed through AP Calculus lessons with not enough time to answer questions and get a lively discussion started. With the pace of the AP syllabus, she found easing this anxiety to be a difficult task. Because of this, she decided to flip her classroom in an effort to eliminate lecture from class time. She has since implemented the same format in her other math classes and continues to improve and share her flipped model

Check out Stacey's blog: Techiemusings, and find articles where she was featured. While you're at, don't forget to connect with Stacey on Twitter @buddyxo

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