Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Dr. Will Show - Personalized Learning with Jill Thompson

On today's episode, I chat with Jill Thompson about personalized learning.

I love learning and am passionate about what I do. I am a Personalized Learning Program Manager. I also serve as the President and CEO of Edulum, a education consulting company, that offers affordable professional development that guide teachers, principals, and administrators in the implementation of best practices with curriculum. My passion involves co-hosting #21stedchatblogging, presenting at conferences and being an ASCD emerging leader. My background includes teaching fifth grade, a K5 math and science facilitator/coach and an Instructional Technology Specialist. I am also Google Apps and Chrome Qualified. The diversity of these positions has given me the skills and knowledge to draw from when integrating ways to educate 21st century learners through innovative curriculum. My educational philosophy is to create a positive 21st century learning environment for students; setting the stage for their entire academic life. Teaching a rich, meaningful, and well balanced curriculum of skills and concepts through age appropriate activities, will encourage children to want to become life long learners. I believe in building upon a child’s curiosity and encourage them to pursue new knowledge. I believe in authentic real world teaching that is innovative will help our students succeed in the 21st century. The children we teach today are the future of the world; their goals and beliefs are taken from what we provide for them. If we provide a positive personal learning environment to all our students that encourages good values and high expectations, they will foster life long learning skills.

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