Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Vision, Influence and Owning One's Success with Krystal Covington, MBA

On today's episode, I chat with Krystal Covington, MBA.

As an introvert (Meyer's Briggs INTJ) Krystal struggled to stand out in the workplace and often saw more gregarious and socially intuitive peers receive opportunities she felt she deserved. What she learned from those experiences was that although knowledge and work ethic are respected and valued, the people who reap the greatest rewards are really the ones who stand out as the most socially powerful.

As a result, she set out to learn the key strategies that make the most powerful people so magnetic to others. She studied social and evolutionary psychology, human connection, persuasion, charisma and the art of war. What she quickly learned was that becoming influential, powerful, charismatic, and successful is as simple as playing a role. 

She began trying out her theories in various venues over the years, getting better and better at building a targeted brand for herself and showing up as that role. By following her own strategy she was able to change her brand several times simply by presenting herself with powerful body language, building a reputation for the role she was playing, and being consistently visible to the people who mattered. 

After teaching these principles in workshops locally in Colorado, she realized the incredible value of the information she had learned. She then compiled a workbook to share this knowledge with others in the "The 4 Keys to Influence." It's a perfect resource for anyone seeking a stronger career, better sales as an entrepreneur, or simply a more fruitful social life. 

Krystal is also the President & Founder of Women of Denver, a community dedicated to helping women build credible & influential brands, so they can achieve their goals for personal success. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Power to Parents in the Digital Age with Bonnie Lathram

On this episode of The Dr. Will Show, I hangout with Bonnie Lathram from Getting Smart.

Bonnie is a former high school teacher, counselor and school design coach. She is a writer, a project manager, and a parent. I currently work with education organizations to provide engaging professional learning experiences, and she designs projects and campaigns that connect people and organizations around the topic of something she cares about deeply… learning.

Ask her about: Teaching in a project-based learning school, leading advisories, designing college and career readiness curriculum, leading professional development, living in Tanzania, sailing around Mexico, writing a book (check out our recent book, Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning), and raising kids ( She has two toddlers and she taught high school for 8 years).

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#beyouEDU - Finding Your Successes

For the month of January, the #beyouEDU topic is Finding Your Success. Please join the movement by submitting your very own vlog, blog post, or send out tweets to start a conversation.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - Changing School Culture 2

On today's episode I chat with Dr. Liz Johnson and Dr. Leighangela Brady about leadership's role in transforming school culture.

Lisbeth Johnson, Ed.D. was born in North Carolina and raised in Harlem, New York City . She moved to California in her teens and attended schools in Southern California. She received her doctorate degree in education in 2002 from the University of La Verne and completed her dissertation on the topic of Integrating Instruction with Technology. She has worked in educational settings for forty years  in Pre-Schools, Kindergarten and K-12,  through Post- Secondary institutions. She has been a teacher, reading resource support instructor, a Principal, Director and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and a Superintendent.

With a passion for on-going learning, Lisbeth is inspired to coach schools that are attempting to instruct students in the digital and twenty-first century environment. She recently received a Leading Edge Certification  for Online Learning and Teaching, adding new learning and expertise to her repertoire on the value of using Web 2.0 tools for student learning. In her retirement Lisbeth continues to teach at a University, and enjoys in her off-time the support of travel to far-away places with a loving family. 

Born and raised in New England, Leighangela Brady received both her B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Connecticut. Now living in San Diego, she earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership from San Diego State University. Dr. Brady has taught in various teaching assignments from kindergarten through fifth grade. Later she served as an academic literacy coach for teachers. This position ignited an already sparked passion for curriculum and instruction and helped to further develop her strength as a curriculum leader.

Dr. Brady is a former principal of a K-6 elementary school. As a site administrator, educational consultant, and instructional leader, Dr. Brady is passionate about quality education and effective leadership. She is a current Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services working to transform the schools in her own district. She is an author of Test Less, Assess More: A K-8 Guide to Formative Assessmentand presents annually at national and international conferences. Leighangela is a wife and mother, and plans to retire one day at her home in the Fiji Islands.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Dr. Will Show - It's All About the Mission with Dr. Amy Fast

On this episode of The Dr. Will Show, I chat with Dr. Amy Fast about her book, It's the Mission, Not the Mandates and the role mission and purpose plays in education.

Dr. Amy Fast is a first year administrator at McMinnville High School in McMinnville, Oregon, serving as a curriculum assistant principal. Prior to being assistant principal, Dr. Fast was a fourth and fifth grade teacher for ten years and then an instructional coach at both the elementary and middle levels where she observed teachers to provide feedback, modeled in classrooms, and led professional development. Last spring Dr. Fast got her doctorate from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, and this November her book, It's the Mission, Not the Mandates, which was adapted from my dissertation was published by Rowman and Littlefield.