Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Getting in the Consulting Game featuring @reeder_cassie

On this episode, I Zoom in Cassie Reeder and chat about her recent undertaking in becoming a full-time entrepreneur.
Though Cassie Reeder has been in the education field just over 7 years, she has a well rounded, well connected portfolio. After earning her Masters in Elementary Education with a specialization in Educational Technology from the University of Florida in 2011, her teaching career began in the Tampa, FL area. The next four years of her elementary teaching career took place in Richardson ISD, where she met Debra Atchison and Jaime Donally, two relationships which have proven to be life changing. During this time, she also attended her first edcamp, got a twitter account, and made countless connections with other educators while working to build her PLN. As a co-founder of EdChange Global, she has dedicated a great deal of time during the fall and summer of the past 4 years to create a space for educators and students to connect and collaborate in a comfortable online environment, learning at their own pace, about the topics they desire.
Cassie wore many hats during her two years as a Promethean education consultant, from social media manager, and creator of support resources to training development and delivery, and she will forever be grateful for the skills and growth opportunities provided.
Though just starting out on this new journey as an independent education consultant, as of June 2018, Cassie has high hopes that her innovation and creativity, impressive work ethic and continued collaboration with various members of her PLN will prove this is where she is meant to be.
Learn more about Cassie at her website: www.cassiereeder.com/
You can connect with Cassie on Twitter: twitter.com/reeder_cassie

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