Friday, October 23, 2015


I say yes.
Dr. Will asked if I would guest blog.  Yes.
Will you teach yoga someday, even though public speaking is -er- public speaking?  Yes.
Do you want to run through the everglades, alone, at midnight? Yes.
Do you want to just go to Paris for New Years? Yes.
I say yes.
There is a lot of conversation about balancing your work and home life.  I do not think that is enough.  As an educator, you need to literally breathe life into your classroom.  It is not enough to simply roll into a classroom and read a scripted curriculum.  You need to inspire kids to find their passion.  Finding ones passion is an interesting topic in and of itself.  You are not born with a passion.  You find it along the way.  Typically, it is another person who inspired you to try something new.
This is why I say: Yes.
This beautiful life that we get to live is not simply about finding a work/home balance.  This simply cannot be.  It has to be about finding actions, people, places or things to become passionate about.  Work that you live for, activities that you long to get to: that’s the good stuff.
So one of my passions is yoga.  We all have heard of the touted health benefits of yoga.  It calms the central nervous system. It helps to make you flexible and strong.  It helps you spend your money at lululemon (just kidding).  Once you start practicing, you find out what your body can and cannot do in the moment.  You become attuned to yourself.  It is just good fun to conquer standing on your head, or balancing in Crow Pose.  It releases endorphins and makes you feel like a super hero! All people should stretch and bend and flex, and if all the while they can find the love of an Asana practice, well,  that is just the cherry on top.
By saying “yes” to the opportunities that come your way, there is just no telling what journeys you will take.  But for certain you will benefit and so can your students.  If you worked really hard and ran a half marathon, marathon, or even the glorious iron man and shared that with your students: they are being exposed to their potential passion.  Their future joy.  And you gave it to them through simply sharing.  If you created a set of mugs over the weekend, played croquet, made scones, or ran around with your dogs in the yard: share it.
When it comes to finding that sought after work-home balance: forget it.
When it comes to finding, fostering and then sharing a passion (A reason for living!): share it!
Say “yes” to the possibilities that come your way.  Who knows, you may have hated visiting that farm last weekend, but you may have a student who ends up opening their own sheep shearing business: all thanks to you!
Peace, Victoria
About the authorVictoria Curry is an Assistant Principal in Upstate New York. She spent 10 years teaching 3rd graders in Chinatown (Manhattan) and 3 years teaching 5th grade in the East Village (Manhattan). She loves working with children and inspiring them to live the best life possible. Professionally she works non-stop with technology. She has been lauded for her creation of systems in schools for teachers to communicate and circulate data. Currently, she is working on growing her PLN on twitter @VictoriaCurry77 please follow!

Personally, Victoria has many interests: environmental history, techquity in schools, sewing, running, practicing yoga (on and off the mat), and loving her two dogs Jet and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. No bio for Victoria would be complete without mentioning Brian Curry, her husband. Accomplished artist and metal enthusiast; Brian is simply the Earth to her Sun. 
Connect to Victoria for all things Progressive in Education! @VictoriaCurry77 or on her newly minted blog: .

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