Friday, September 15, 2017

The Business of You: Owning Your Career with Lakrisha Davis, MBA

On this episode, I hangout with Lakrisha Davis and we chat about how to take charge of your career.

As a Career Coach, Success Mentor, and Speaker, Lakrisha helps ambitious career hunters navigate the corporate landscape in order to create the life and career they’ve always dreamed of.

She has worked in the corporate arena for over 10 years, with experience in the areas of legal compliance, corporate governance, and human resources. ​

Years ago, Lakrisha felt as though her career was at a standstill. She just couldn’t find a satisfying or lucrative enough career no matter how hard she tried. She was barely making it financially, and felt empty going into work everyday because she knew she had a greater calling.

Like many other job seekers, Lakrisha had done everything right: graduated college with high honors, gained valuable experience and always made a good impression. She started to feel like her only option was to settle because life seemed to be throwing her nothing but lemons. Deep down she knew she deserved better.

Eventually, Lakrisha decided that enough is enough. She was determined to turn things around and put every ounce of her energy into creating the career and life that she loved.

In just 4 weeks, she had secured her dream position, and more than doubled her salary. She was astounded. Lakrisha knew that she wanted to share what she'd learned with other women. ​ 

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